Cuttin cat faces in the pines

I do not exist only you exist

I believe in innocence, little darling. Start again. I believe in everyone.
I believe, regardless. I believe in everyone.

everything that keeps me together is falling apart…

And by all accounts you really should have died

When I grow up, I want to live near the sea, crab claws and bottles of rum. that’s what I’ll have…staring at the seashell, waiting for it to embrace me.

sirstrangelove asked: May I request an Ugly Casanova inspired post-it?

i luff ugly casanova. request more!

smells like autumn, smells like leaves
you don’t know that you’ll rust and not belong so much
and then get left alone.

I said I’d not come back, well I’m coming back -
And you’d better be alone.

Anonymous asked: I've become a bit eccentric in my old age, is that a good or bad thing?

it’s a great thing.

i get a little bit stranger every day. by the time i’m 45, i’ll be wearing fruit covered hats and giving out cough drops like candy. and i won’t give a fuck.

Anonymous asked: Where is my mind?

way out in the water, see it swimmin?

You take my tattered fist…it’s like a catalyst.
It’s like a roiling, writhing wall of “Has it come to this?”

bleedingglamour asked: Hello, I love your blog *-*

:D awwww shit

Ain’t it a shame
how a word can tell you more than words can say?
I need you here

i got a hand, so i got a fist, so i got a plan, it’s the best that i can do.